Audacity 3.0.3

Audacity 3.0.3 was released on the 26th of July, 2021

Changes and improvements since previous version

Key improvements:

  • Windows version is now 64-bit

    • (Note: 32-bit plugins will not work on 64-bit Audacity)

    • A 32-bit build of 3.0.3 remains available for download

  • Improved default spectrogram colors

  • We now provide an official binary for Linux in the form of an AppImage

  • Update checking: Audacity can now check to see if there is a newer version available

  • Error reporting: this is a new dialog where users can choose to send us the details of a serious error

  • Multiple bugs fixed

If you are a user of previous Audacity versions on Windows and had installed the optional FFmpeg library then you must now install the 64-bit versions of the FFmpeg library.

Otherwise your imports and exports that depend upon FFmpeg will no longer work.

See Installing FFmpeg for Windows for installation details.

Full details of new features in the visual guide to New features in Audacity 3.0.3

Audacity 3.0.3 replaces all previous versions.

Supported Platforms


  • Audacity 3.0.3 requires the CPU to support the SSE2 instruction set which should be available on any Intel hardware produced after 2001 and any AMD hardware produced after 2003.

    • To check what SSE levels your CPU supports, you can install CPU-Z.

    • If your hardware only supports SSE, you may download Audacity 2.0.6 see the Legacy Windows page on the Audacity Website.

  • 3.0.3 does not support Windows XP.

    • You may try 2.2.2 on XP, but it is unsupported.

macOS / Mac OS X


  • Linux support is tested on Ubuntu Linux.

    • Audacity may compile on Gentoo, Debian, Mint.

    • Audacity does not currently compile on SuSE Linux.


We probably track more bugs than you are interested in...

We used to have a separate page with a dynamic buglist for each version, but nowadays we recommend instead to visit our bugzilla instance for current bug status.

We do use this detail in our own QA work.

Highlighted Issues

Below are listed what we believe are the most common and important issues with 3.0.3 for most users.


  • Less of Audacity is properly accessible to visually impaired users than we would like. Currently the best supported platform for accessibility is Windows. We lost a lot of custom accessibility programming when we had to move to a more recent version of the wxWidgets library.


  • Audacity is only partially translated in many languages. We also have some issues, for example, with Right-To-Left Languages.

Selected Bugzilla-Tracked Bugs




Summary (2 tasks)



If Temporary files directory is set to be unwritable then Audacity has a catalog of cryptic unhelpful errors



Audacity crashes with Macros on files when the macro-output folder is in an unwriteable location

  • Click on the bug numbers to see work done on these bugs.

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