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These help articles have been created by the following people:
  • Leo Wattenberg
  • (add your name here if you're editing some pages!)


Contents on this page are licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license. This does not necessarily apply to embedded videos.

Contributors of the old Manual has been made possible by a tremendous amount of effort from the following people:
  • Gale Andrews
  • Richard Ash
  • David Bailes
  • Christian Brochec
  • Matt Brubeck
  • John Colket
  • James Crook
  • Steve Daulton
  • Scott Granneman
  • Greg Kozikowski
  • Leland Lucius
  • Dominic Mazzoni
  • Edgar Musgrove
  • Tony Oetzmann
  • Alexandre Prokoudine
  • Peter Sampson
  • Martyn Shaw
  • Vidyashankar Vella
  • Bill Wharrie
  • Leo Wattenberg
  • Carmelo Battaglia (Italian)
  • Leo Clijsen (Dutch)
  • Olivier Humbert (French)
  • André Leu (French)
  • Thomas De Rocker (Dutch)
  • Daniel Winzen (German)
Some of their efforts have been ported over to this site.
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