🆕Changing pitch

Audacity can make audio sound higher or lower

Changing pitch per clip

This feature is only available in the Audacity 3.5 beta. Try it now: https://audacityteam.org/beta

You can change the pitch of a clip by selecting the clip, and then pressing Alt+↓↑ to change the pitch by a semitone. Alternatively, you also can click on the overflow menu (...) in the top right of the clip, and then Pitch and Speed... to change it via a dialog. You can also use the dialog to change the pitch by cents instead of just semitones.

Once you have changed the pitch, the clip will have an indication of how much it's been changed:

You can change or reset pitch at any time by clicking on the indicator.

Pitch correction of an entire track (Auto-Tune)

While Audacity does not have any pitch correction natively, you can use plugins such as MuseFX PitchFix for this task. See Using realtime effects and Installing pluginson how to use these plugins.

Changing pitch for an arbitrary audio selection

Caution: This method permanently alters the audio data and cannot be changed later.

To change the pitch of an arbitrary selection of audio, go to Effects -> Pitch and Tempo -> Change Pitch.

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