Downloading & installing Audacity

Audacity is an easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux and other operating systems. This page will guide you through the download & installation process.

Downloading through the Microsoft Store

Audacity is available from the Microsoft Store.

Audacity is now installed. You can start Audacity from the start menu.

Downloading from the Internet

  • Head to the download page: and click the blue download button.

  • If prompted, click Run or Save.

  • If you clicked Save, head to your downloads, locate the Audacity installer and double-click it.

    • In Windows 11 it is possible that you get a warning about Audacity being a non Microsoft-verified app. Click Install anyway.

  • Select the language to use during the installation and click OK.

  • In the Welcome page click Next.

  • In the Information page you will links to learn more about Audacity and its license. Click Next to proceed.

  • In the Select Destination Location page you can select a different folder to install Audacity using the Browse... button or simply use the recommended destination. Click Next to continue.

  • In the Select Additional Tasks page you can choose that the installer adds a shortcut to Audacity in your Desktop.

    • If you have installed Audacity previously you will have the option to Reset Preferences.

  • Verify your choices and click Install

  • Wait a few seconds until the setup process completes.

  • Click Finish to close the installer and Launch Audacity

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