Making Tutorials and User Guides

Tutorials are an awesome way to help out Audacity users. So if you know how to use Audacity, you might be just the right person to teach others! You can either write guides, or make videos.

Writing Tutorials and User Guides

Audacity welcomes contributions to both Audacity Support and Audacity Plugins, whether it's a small spelling correction or an entirely new guide. If you're not sure what to start with, check out some good first issues:

Gitbook works a bit like a wiki in that you can edit all pages freely, but unlike a wiki, it uses git's "everyone has their own branch" principle. That is to say that the changes you make are independent of everyone else's changes, and won't show up on the main (live) website until the branches are merged.

To some degree, this means that you can do whatever you want in your branch. That said, there's some things which make things easier for everyone involved:

Best practice

  1. Doing so makes it easier to understand what your changes are exactly, and should one of your changes be rejected, most of your other work won't get blocked by it.

  2. Only submit complete pages. Your progress is saved automatically, so if you want to call it for the day, simply close the page and continue the next day. If you accidentally hit "submit", simply start editing again to convert your branch to a draft branch again.

  3. Be aware of the others, to avoid duplicate work. You may connect with other editors in our discord servers.

  4. Follow the Style Guide, to give this entire site a somewhat uniform style.

When editing on Gitbook, you can edit existing pages, but you cannot create new ones. If you'd like to make a page about a new topic, write to LWinterberg in the discord server. You also can hand in Markdown files or Word documents to him directly to add. This restriction does not apply when Editing through GitHub, however, there are other technical oddities when editing through GitHub.

Making Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are highly appreciated as part of a guide. You can upload them to YouTube (or Vimeo/Dailymotion/...) and embed them in your guides, or in other people's guides, like this:

We have some requirements for which video tutorials are accepted into Audacity Support pages (see the Style Guide Video Tutorials for more info)

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