Working with audio loops

An introduction of Audacity's loop-based music making capabilities

Getting loops

You can find loops all around the internet, including Muse Hub.

You also can manually convert a section of a song to a loop.

Making audio loops

Adjusting loops to the project

When importing a loop to the project, Audacity will automatically attempt to match the tempo. If it's unable to, you can instead adjust the tempo yourself by holding Alt (macOS: Option)and dragging the edge of a clip to stretch it to fit.

Speeding up and slowing down audio

Additionally, if the loop is in a different key to your project, you can also select a clip, and press Alt+↓↑ to adjust the pitch by semitones.

Changing pitch

Repeating loops

Audacity does not feature a looping feature as known from traditional DAWs at this point. Instead, you can repeat via copy-pasting the loop, or using the Effects -> Special -> Repeat effect.

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