Missing features

This page lists features which got removed from Audacity, as well as their replacements.

Audacity Wiki

The Audacity Wiki has been shut down.
You may find the information you were looking for in the following places:
A wikidump of the Audacity Wiki as of March 31, 2023 can be found in the Internet Archive. It can be accessed and worked with in the same way as Wikipedia's dumps.

Device preferences

In Audacity version 3.3.0, the Device preference page has been renamed to Audio Settings.

Project Rate

In Audacity version 3.3.0, the Project Rate has been renamed to Project Sample Rate and moved into the Audio Setup button -> Audio Settings.

Cut, Copy and Paste buttons

The Cut, Copy and Paste buttons have been removed from the Edit Toolbar in version 3.2.0.
Audacity version 3.2.3 introduced the Cut/Copy/Paste Toolbar which is disabled by default. Check View > Toolbars > Cut/Copy/Paste Toolbar to enable it.
Cut/Copy/Paste Toolbar
You can also access the Cut/Copy/Paste functionality in the following ways instead:
  • Right-click the selected audio and choose Cut/Copy/Paste
  • In the Edit menu, choose Cut/Copy/Paste
  • Use shortcuts:
    • Ctrl+X is cut (Cmd+X on macOS)
    • Ctrl+C is copy (Cmd+C on macOS)
    • Ctrl+V is paste (Cmd+V on macOS)

Device Toolbar

Look of the Device Toolbar
The Device toolbar has been replaced by the Audio Setup button in version 3.2.0. However, you can re-enable it via View -> Toolbars -> Device Toolbar.

Zoom Tool

The Zoom Tool has been removed in version 3.2.0. All of it's functionality can be accessed via the Zoom buttons, or via Ctrl+Scroll (Cmd+Scroll)

Time Shift Tool

Audacity's Time Shift Tool has been removed in version 3.1.0. It got replaced by drag handles at the top of every clip. You now can time-shift audio without having to switch into a special mode.